How Do You Balance Personal Bias When Reviewing Products?

How Do You Balance Personal Bias When Reviewing Products?

In the realm of product reviews, striking a balance between personal bias and objectivity is crucial. We've gathered insights from a blogger and a Senior Editor, among others, to bring you five diverse perspectives on this challenge. From disclosing personal nostalgia to maintaining objectivity despite personal preferences, learn how these professionals navigate the complexities of product evaluation.

  • Disclose Personal Biases in Reviews
  • Employ Objective Criteria and Diverse Feedback
  • Focus on Product Utility Over Company Values
  • Maintain Objectivity Despite Personal Preferences

Disclose Personal Biases in Reviews

I always consider my own biases and attempt to share them within my review. For example, if I am sharing a review about a hair product that I love, and I know I have nostalgia related to the product, I will share that.

I might even explain a story associated with it, like, "I adored my grandmother and she used to use this hair mousse, and when I smell it, it still reminds me of her every time." This way, my readers are privy to that information, and can decide for themselves how much to let that impact how they weigh my opinion.

Emily E
Emily EBlogger, Wavy Hair Care

Employ Objective Criteria and Diverse Feedback

Balancing personal bias when reviewing products involves several strategies: focusing on objective criteria, considering diverse perspectives, and being transparent about any potential biases. For instance, I evaluate products based on a standardized set of features, such as performance, usability, and value for money, ensuring a fair assessment. Additionally, I incorporate feedback from other users and experts, to provide a well-rounded view.

An example of a particularly difficult review to write was for a new smartphone model from a brand I personally admire. To mitigate my bias, I compared it against similar models from competitors, highlighted both strengths and weaknesses, and included user feedback that differed from my own experience. This approach ensured that my review remained balanced and credible, despite my initial partiality.

Arslan Abdul Rehman
Arslan Abdul RehmanDigital Marketer & SEO Expert,

Focus on Product Utility Over Company Values

I found one beauty label’s makeup products particularly challenging to assess because of my support for the values the company stands for. Since its early days in 2017, this company has been challenging beauty standards and promoting diversity. Its inclusive approach was reflected in marketing endeavors and the wide array of products suitable for various skin textures and colors.

Reviewing makeup products, however, must be based on their quality, durability, versatility, and other tangible factors. While writing my review, I quickly realized I was gravitating towards an enthusiastic evaluation, even though I was well aware of the objective flaws of some products.

My advice to avoid such situations is to refrain from reading any information about the company's background or policy. Focusing strictly on the product's utility will help prevent unconscious bias, making our review more reliable.

Martyna Szcześniak
Martyna SzcześniakCommunity Expert, MyPerfectResume

Maintain Objectivity Despite Personal Preferences

Balancing personal bias in product reviews is crucial for maintaining credibility and integrity as a Senior Editor. As someone deeply immersed in the meat industry, it's easy to let personal preferences or biases influence my opinions. However, professionalism demands that I set aside any preconceived notions and evaluate each product objectively based on its merits.

One example of a challenging review to write was for a new line of grass-fed beef jerky. Personally, I prefer the rich flavor and tenderness of grain-fed beef, so I had to consciously remind myself to approach the review with an open mind. I focused on aspects such as texture, flavor complexity, and overall appeal to a broad audience, rather than solely relying on my personal taste preferences.

By emphasizing objective criteria and considering the diverse preferences of our readership, I was able to produce a fair and unbiased review that accurately reflected the product's qualities.

Gabrielle Yap
Gabrielle YapSenior Editor, Carnivore Style

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