How Do You Maintain a Fresh Perspective as a Beauty Editor?

How Do You Maintain a Fresh Perspective as a Beauty Editor?

When it comes to staying ahead in the ever-revolving world of beauty trends, an Associate Beauty Editor starts by contextualizing recurring trends. Alongside insights from industry professionals, we've gathered additional answers that provide a fresh take on this cyclical phenomenon. From exploring global beauty innovations to analyzing shifts in fashion and art, discover how experts keep their perspectives rejuvenated.

  • Contextualize Recurring Trends
  • Listen to Customer Feedback
  • Explore Global Beauty Innovations
  • Attend Industry Trade Shows
  • Collaborate with New Influencers
  • Experiment with Beauty Products
  • Analyze Fashion and Art Shifts

Contextualize Recurring Trends

Trend fatigue is real, but it's important to consider the reason why a certain style might be back in the mix. For example, blue eyeshadow had several waves of popularity in the past year. It was having a moment thanks to Y2K trends, and then it returned with more of a '60s influence when Sofia Coppola's 'Priscilla' came out. And we've also seen it pop up with mermaid-core too. So there may be repeated trends, but context can help give them a fresh light.

Sophie ShawAssociate Beauty Editor, CNN Underscored

Listen to Customer Feedback

Staying up to date is certainly a challenge. I've found the best way to get to the core of a trend is to listen to what the customers are saying. Whether it's reading reviews or watching videos of new products, the customers will often tell me what's really going on. Even amidst trends, good products will prevail.

Joe NiehausCommerce Writer

Explore Global Beauty Innovations

To keep a fresh perspective as a beauty editor, one can dedicate time to study and understand the latest beauty trends and advancements from around the globe. Engaging with new research, understanding cultural influences on beauty, and monitoring international beauty brands can all contribute to a fresh outlook. This constant influx of global knowledge ensures that one's perspective remains relevant and innovative.

It also helps in recognizing patterns and predicting future trends in the beauty industry. Dive into global beauty research today to stay ahead of the curve.

Attend Industry Trade Shows

Maintaining a fresh perspective in the beauty industry involves being present at industry trade shows, often held in diverse locations. These events are a melting pot of innovation, providing a stage for the latest products and services. Attendance at such gatherings offers direct insight into what is currently shaping the beauty market.

It allows one to connect with professionals, learn firsthand about the most recent technological advancements, and keeps one updated on consumer preferences. Make plans to visit the next industry trade show, and witness the future of beauty unfold.

Collaborate with New Influencers

A beauty editor can maintain a fresh perspective by proactively collaborating with new and upcoming beauty influencers. These collaborations bring in a wealth of diverse opinions and creative ideas, as influencers often pioneer unconventional beauty applications or spotlight overlooked products. By engaging with these influencers, editors can tap into their communities and harness the insights of a different audience.

This strategy infuses the editor's work with contemporary relevance and authenticity. Reach out to an emerging beauty influencer and start a conversation that could lead to your next great insight.

Experiment with Beauty Products

One method to preserve a fresh outlook as a beauty editor is to experiment with new beauty products on a regular basis. This hands-on experience allows an editor to critique and understand products beyond their marketing, providing a more informed and genuine perspective.

What’s more, by routinely incorporating new items into one's repertoire, it becomes easier to spot emerging trends and identify patterns in customer preferences. Always maintain a curious mind and don’t hesitate to try that new product that could redefine your beauty regime.

Analyze Fashion and Art Shifts

Analyzing shifts in fashion and art can also provide fresh insight for a beauty editor. These realms often influence beauty trends and can serve as a forecast for what will eventually become popular in the skincare and makeup industries. By examining the evolution of aesthetics in these broad fields, one can anticipate which looks and products might resonate with the public.

This analytical approach also fuels creativity, leading to the cultivation of unique content that resonates both culturally and artistically. Engage with the latest fashion and art movements to keep your work at the forefront of beauty.

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