What Beauty Industry Myths Have Been Debunked?

What Beauty Industry Myths Have Been Debunked?

Diving into the world of beauty, we've gathered insights from five industry experts, including a Blogger and a Plastic Surgeon, to dispel common myths. From the 'Curly Girl Method Lacks Evidence' to the 'Squeaky Clean Feeling Misconception,' these professionals share their experiences and the truths they've uncovered.

  • Curly Girl Method Lacks Evidence
  • Quality Skincare Products Matter
  • Expensive Treatments Not Always Superior
  • FDA Doesn't Guarantee Cosmetic Safety
  • Squeaky Clean Feeling Misconception

Curly Girl Method Lacks Evidence

The Curly Girl Method! At first, I suspected some Curly Girl Method claims to be untrue based on my personal experience. Per the CGM, we shouldn't need to ever use a clarifying shampoo as long as we are avoiding silicones. I found myself getting build-up still, which didn't make sense to me. However, what really proved it for me was reading the Curly Girl Handbook that the Curly Girl Method is based on. The book has no sources cited for any of its claims. I was floored because it is so popular with wavy- and curly-haired people that I assumed it had some research backing it.

Emily E
Emily EBlogger, Wavy Hair Care

Quality Skincare Products Matter

One common myth in the beauty industry that I've busted from my own experience is the idea that all skincare products are basically the same, and you're just paying for the brand. High-quality products are carefully crafted to make sure they sink in well, letting those active ingredients do their thing where it really matters—deep within your skin. With skincare, the quality and effectiveness of what you're using can totally step up your game for that glowing, healthy skin we all want.

Diane Howard
Diane HowardRN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Expensive Treatments Not Always Superior

One prevalent beauty industry myth I've debunked through my practice is that "more expensive treatments always yield better results." Through comprehensive patient education and showcasing evidence-based outcomes, I've demonstrated that the effectiveness of a cosmetic procedure is not directly proportional to its cost. By comparing results from a variety of treatments across different price points, and presenting this data through before-and-after galleries, patient testimonials, and clinical studies, we've shown that some cost-effective treatments can offer comparable, if not superior, results for specific concerns. This approach has helped to inform patients about the value of choosing the right treatment based on scientific evidence and individual needs rather than price alone.

David Hill, MD
David Hill, MDPlastic Surgeon & Medical Director, Fulcrum Aesthetics & Surgery

FDA Doesn't Guarantee Cosmetic Safety

I love this question! While we are just getting started and learning more every single day, one in particular does stand out to me. Just because a product is sold in a store does not mean it is safe or effective. For good or for bad, the FDA does not currently have a standard process to regulate cosmetics before they hit the market. This leads to a gap in consumers having to trust that companies are putting safe, effective ingredients in their products. The best way to combat this is to always analyze your products on a third-party app or website. I usually trust Yuka for this, as they are trusted, transparent, and simple to use. The Natics Skincare line—Nourish Daily Moisturizer, Revive Turmeric Mask, and Vitamin-C On-the-Glow Balm—scores a 100/100 on Yuka as well!

Zavier Hasnani
Zavier HasnaniCo-founder and President, Natics Skincare

Squeaky Clean Feeling Misconception

The misconception: Believing that the 'squeaky clean' sensation post-wash is beneficial.

The reality: The sensation of being 'squeaky clean' after cleansing isn't ideal; it indicates the removal of natural oils from your skin. Opt for a cleanser that hydrates while cleansing. Your skin should feel refreshed and clean after washing, without any tightness or squeaky feeling.

Grace Davies
Grace DaviesOwner, Dress Rental NZ

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